Individual & Associate Membership

Eligibility & Criteria

Individual Member:

The Executive Committee may admit for individual membership from sports medicine doctors, scientists and researchers who have attended at least one of the Federation's Scientific Congresses or its approved Course in sports medicine, sports sciences or related fields. The qualification of a Member would be either a Medical Doctor or having a recognized academic qualification in sports medicine, sports sciences or related disciplines from a recognized Institution at Post-graduate level.


Associate Member:

The Executive Committee may admit for Associate Membership from Paramedic personnel, Physiotherapists, Allied Health care professionals, Coaches, Trainers, Sports organizers or other persons in related fields of Sports Medicine.

How to be an Individual or Associate Member? 

Membership is subject to approval by AFSM. Applicants without relevant professional qualification would be reviewed.

Please note the followings for membership application: 

Fill in Application Form

You can fill in the online form, or download the  form in word format and return to administrative office:

Membership fee payment

Your membership will be confirmed only upon successful payment of membership fee. You may pay via online  payment (PayPal) or bank transfer. 

Membership Fee

Individual Membership:

1 year (USD $30)

4 year (USD $100)

Life (USD $300) ​

​Associate Membership:

1 year (USD $30)

4 year (USD $100)

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