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National / Regional Membership

Eligibility & Criteria

The Membership of the Federation shall be open to National or Regional Sports Medicine Association of Asian countries or regions, which agree to the aims and objects of the Federation and are willing to abide by the rules.

The Council of Delegates shall admit to membership, the National or Regional Associations (not more than one from each country or region) that are recognized, as representing the interests of Sports Medicine in each country or region.

How to be a National / Regional Member?

The Applicant National or Regional Association must submit for consideration by the Executive Committee, the following documents before the petition can be presented to the Council of Delegates.

Please submit the following documents to AFSM Secretariat Office: 

  1. Application in writing signed by the President and the Secretary General of the National or Regional Association.

  2. Copy of the Statutes of the Association.

  3. List of  officers of the Association with their titles.

  4. Total number of members in each category of membership.

  5. Letter of recommendation attesting the fact that the applicant Association is the representative Sports Medicine organization in that country or region from one of he following bodies: National / Regional Medical Association or  National / Regional Olympic Committee.

Membership Fee

Upon approval by the Executive Committee and endorsement by the Council of Delegate, the Applicant National or Regional Association will receive email notification from AFSM Secretariat Office.


The National or Regional membership will be confirmed after the payment of membership fee (USD $100 per year), which could be paid through bank transfer or online through PayPal. Please refer to the payment method for more details. 

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