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AFSM President

Message from the President

Welcome to Asian Federation of Sports Medicine (AFSM)!

AFSM was founded in 1990 when the 11th Asian Games was held in Beijing, China. After more than 30 years of development, under the leadership of successive presidents and the cooperation of all members, AFSM has become a link between Asian sports medicine scholars and a platform for promoting the development of Asian sports medicine.

Sports medicine is a marginal science that combines medicine and sports, and is a discipline of medicine. It studies medical issues related to sports, uses medical technology and knowledge to supervise and guide sports training, prevents sports injuries, and also studies medical-treatment and preventive sports in order to enhance people's physique, ensure the health of athletes and improving athletic performance. With the rapid economic and social development in Asia, sports medicine will play an increasingly important role.

In December 2022, the new Executive Committee of AFSM was established. As the new president, I will work with all of you to promote the development of sports medicine in Asia, including enhancing academic exchanges, promoting cooperation, supporting academic activities, participating in and organizing and/or holding international courses, workshops, seminars, scientific meetings and conferences to share knowledge and advanced techniques in sports medicine.

I am grateful to be able to develop and study sports medicine with you as we move forward together.


With best wishes,

Prof. Minhao XIE, President of AFSM

Xie Minhao1.jpeg

Prof. Minhao Xie

President of AFSM (2023-2026)

Presidency & Past Presidents

Prof. Minhao Xie, China

(Presidency: 2023-2026)

Prof. Minhao Xie was elected as the president of AFSM from 2023 to 2026 in the Council of Delegates Meeting held in Hong Kong in December 2022. He is from the National Institute of Sports Medicine in China.

Prof. Patrick Yung, Hong Kong

(Presidency: 2017-2022)

Prof. Patrick Yung was the President Elect in 2017 but then he was appointed to be the President of AFSM in the same year to inherit the passion of Dr. Zaheer. Prof Yung continued his term of Presidency until the end of 2022. He is the Professor & Chief of Sports Medicine Team in The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Danish Zaheer, Brunei

(Presidency: 2016-2017)

Dr. Danish Zaheer from Brunei Darussalam was elected as the president of AFSM for a 2 year period (2016 - 2018). He was the Director & Sports Medicine Consultant of the Sports Medicine and Research Centre in his country. Unfortunately, Dr Danish left us in September 2017, he was a valued leader of AFSM and will be missed by all of us. 

Prof. Guo-ping Li, China

(Presidency: 2014-2016)

Prof. GP Li was the president from 2014-2016, he was the Director of National Institute of Sports Medicine in China. 

Dr. Mohammad Razi, Iran

(Presidency: 2012-2014)

Dr. Mohammad Razi was elected as the president of AFSM from 2012 to 2014 in the Council of Delegates Meeting held in Kish Islands in Feb 2012. He was practising as Orthopaedic Surgeon in Rasoul Akram University Hospital, Iran.

Dr. Chelliah Thurairaja, Bangkok

(Presidency: 2009-2012)

Dr. C. Thurairaja was chosen as the president of AFSM from 2009 to 2012 at executive committee meeting held at Riverfront hotel, Bangkok.

Dr. Wahid Alkharusi, Oman

(Presidency: 2002-2009)

Dr. Wahid Alkharusi was chosen by AFSM executive board to be the president from 2002 to 2004. Then he was also elected as president again for the period of 2005-2009. Dr. Wahid Alkharusi is an Orthopedic surgeon and the head of Orthopedic department in Khaula hospital in Muscat, Oman. 

Prof. Nishat Mallik, Pakistan

(Presidency: 2000-2002)

Prof. Nishat Mallik from Pakistan was the third president of AFSM who was elected in 2000 during AFSM Congress in Oman. He was a specialist in rehabilitation medicine and the professor of university in Karachi, Pakistan.  Unfortunately, he was assassinated in 2002 in his country by a political party.

Prof. Kai-Ming Chan, Hong Kong

(Presidency: 1992-2000)

Prof. K.M. Chan from Hong Kong led the newly founded Federation for 8 years (1992-2000). He was an orthopedic surgeon and a professor in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was then elected as the president of FIMS in 2002 and the first Asian president of FIMS since its foundation in 1928. 

Prof. Mian-Yu QU, China

(Presidency: 1990-1992)

Prof. Qu from China was the first president of AFSM during the period of 1990-1992. 

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