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Mission & Vision

Our Goals

  • To organize and help sports organizations, agencies associations federations in organizing sports medicine facilities in Asia.
  • To study and prepare medical protocols and documentation outlining all requirement of sports medicine in general, as well as specifically for each and every sport .

  • To establish, strengthen and practice medical code in sports and to establish medical ethics in the practice of Sports Medicine.

  • To campaign against drug abuse in sports, (doping) and implement the anti-doping charter of International Olympic Committee and International Federation of Sports Medicine and WADA.

  • To establish and provide a scientific forum for the coordination and communication of all the sports science disciplines in Asia.

  • To establish guidelines, draw up position statements and issue bulletin regarding controversies and updates in the practice of Sports Medicine, applicable to the Member National Associations.

  • To encourage research exchanges in expertise and experts among member countries in regions.

  • To make affiliation with appropriate International Authority, Organization, Institution, Body etc. in order to promote Sports Medicine.

  • To establish, maintain and work for the development of modem and up to date delivery system of Sports Medicine services in member countries in the regions.

  • To participate and to organize and / or conduct International Courses, Workshops, Seminars, Scientific Sessions and Meetings, in order to share the knowledge and advance techniques, in the field of Sports   Medicine.

  • To publish books, booklets, leaflets, journals and other literature on the art and science of Sports Medicine.

Our Mission

To foster the development of sports medicine in Asia for sporting excellence and health for all.

What does AFSM do?

  • Conduct sports medicine Courses throughout Asia:  Team Physician Development Course (TPDC), Team Physician Advanced Course (TPAC), Doping Control Officers Course(DCO) , Sports Rehabilitation Course(SRC), Arthroscopy workshops and arthroscopy fellowship program

  • Assist on organizing regional IOC-MC courses in Asia

  • Network traveling Fellowship program annually

  • Develop mentoring program placement

  • Organize yearly Asian congress

  • Publish quarterly newsletter

AFSM 2018
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